8.5 Wide Enclosed Trailers of Virginia

We offer many different ways to buy a Trailer! Choose your own path to Ownership!

12 Months

  • 12 Months Same As Cash*
  • Rent-To-Own, No Credit Check*
  • Lease Program, No Credit Check*
  • Traditional Financing*
  • Outside Financing
  • Commercial Lending*
  • Cash

Pro-Line Trailers is known for being one of the leading trailer companies on the East Coast. Customers from all over travel to our pickup location in Virginia on a weekly basis. Why?

We offer a selection of new enclosed trailers for sale at competitive prices.

We offer 0 down financing on in stock enclosed trailers.

We go above and beyond to make sure that our Virginia customers have the best trailer-buying experience here at Pro-Line Trailers.

Pro-Line Trailers is a great place to find a trailer for sale.

Like what you see? Contact us directly for a quote or delivery information. Think you can’t afford it? Think again — we have trailer financing options that can help you get the trailer you need.  *Including a great rent-to-own program for select states.