15 Star Wars Trucks, Trailers & More

May 4th and May 5th are special days for Star Wars fans. May the 4th Be With You, aka Star Wars Day, has evolved into a globally celebrated day. Something as epic as Star Wars can’t be celebrated all in one day. Cinco de Mayo now shares the spotlight with Revenge of the Fifth on May 5th.


While we have some resident Star Wars fans here on the Pro-Line Trailers team, we’re passionate about racing, motorcycles, cars, and trucks (and the trailers that haul them!). We’ve found 15 awesome examples of Star Wars cars, trucks, and other Star Wars-themed vehicles.

The 2005 Monaco Grand Prix featured Red Bull Racing’s Revenge of the Sith car. We already loved racing, but this takes it to a whole new level!

Hot Wheels built a full size, drivable X-Wing! It probably wouldn’t hold up in a race against the Grand Prix car, though.

This truck is so awesome, it’s been turned into a meme. Darth Maul is now “Darth Haul” on this nicely done 18-wheeler.

The “Course of the Force” RV travels around promoting the Star Wars-themed charity run.

Someone has taken their love for all things Marvel to a new level! This pick-up truck has been decked out with all sorts of Marvel characters, but the artist favored Star Wars by giving it an entire side and the tailgate.

Here’s something we’re very familiar with: a fresh looking enclosed trailer!

The Phantom Menace is beautifully done on this semi-trailer truck.

This Star Wars travel trailer really puts the “recreation” into “recreational vehicle.” All the little details and features of this travel trailer boast Star Wars.

Darth Maul was already pretty grimacing, but this van makes him even more so!

Done up to resemble an X-Wing Fighter, this truck has all the details in check.

Dubbed the “Volkswagen Imperial Walker,” this VW bus was re-purposed into a work of art sculpture.

This Los Angeles food truck, The Greasy Wiener, served Star Wars inspired dishes to hungry fans.

Not only is this van sporting the Star Wars logo, it was spotted driving around blasting Star Wars music.

The force is strong with this VW camper. The owner of this Star Wars tribute had it specially designed by a Richmond-based artist. (That’s Richmond in the UK… Not Richmond, VA)

Airbrush art can be tough to nail, especially on a big rig. It takes a truly talented artist to pull off this level of skill!

One super fan transformed his Ford F-150 into the ultimate Star Wars mobile. Not only is it decked out with Star Wars graphics, it also features light effects and something special in the truck bed!

Storm Trooper Tax

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